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Dust Controller v12

Ideal for dust control in working environments with high dust levels such as open-pit mining, demolition and recycling sites, the fully-automated V12 from Pro Air Solutions provides a universal, powerful and environmentally-friendly dust management solution. Special nozzles with ceramic inserts produce a fine water spray, perfect for dust suppression directly at the source. The latest valve technology with the optional booster kit, guarantees efficient water flow. The high-performance fan, the 52° angle inclination of the fan barrel and the 360° rotation angle ensure maximum operating range. The wide range of designs available makes the V12 a universal, versatile and very efficient dust suppression unit. The device is easy to control either via a cabled control console or via a radio modem control (100m distance); it can even be fully automated via remote desktop.

  Length without steering (on carriage)   1715 mm
  Length with steering (on carriage)
  2250 mm
  Width without wheels (on carriage)
  1430 mm
  Width with wheels (on carriage)
  1820 mm
  Height without wheels (on carriage)
  2080 mm
  Height with wheels (on carriage)
  2250 mm
  Length (on fixed  underframe)
  1310 mm
  Width (on fixed underframe)
  1000 mm
  Height (on fixed underframe)
  2100 mm
  Weight on carriage without/with front wheel
  540/580 kg
  Weight on underframe
  470 kg
  Machine only weight
  420 kg
  Rotation angle max.
  Tilting angle
  0° - 52°
  Height adjustment
  4 kW
  Turbine motor
  12,5 kW
  400/440 V
  50/60 Hz
  Power plug
  63 A x 5
  Water connection
  Storz “C” / UNI 45
  Minimum input water pressure
  3 bar
  Pump monitoring
  Pressure transducer
  Water filter
  250 micron
  No. of nozzles
  12 + 18
  Water consumption
  15 - 100 l/min
  Halogen lamp
  150 W
  Remote control
  radio, 100 m

V12 Action

Special nozzles

Special nozzles with ceramic insert arranged crosswise. The latest valve technology to regulate water flow and droplet size.

Highperformance fan

Highperformance fan producing a linear water ejection pattern for pinpoint accuracy in use.

Vertical pump with pressure monitoring

Vertical pump with pressure monitoring and automatic discharge for the correct water pressure.

Water filter

Easy-access and quick-clean water filter.

Simple safety - simply safe

All-round safe handling thanks to the deep protective cover. Maximum transport safety thanks to fork-lift guides and central loops. A horn and a headlamp (optional) increase acoustic and visual noticeability. Significant reduction in noise emissions thanks to metal propeller blades and rubber inserts.

Anywhere and everywhere

Mobile solutions for maximum flexibility. The choice between pallet-mounted or carriage-mounted designs allows the V12 to be positioned with ease. 1 Front wheel and moveable tow bar for easy maneuvering on site. 2 Fixed tow bar. 3 Trailer coupling.