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Dust Control and Dust Suppression


Dust Control and Dust SuppressionWhat is the best way to control dust?

There are many ways to control dust including dust extraction, yet by far the most efficient way is with a dust controller - turbines that generate a fine dust-bonding mist as a function of air and water pressure. The finely atomized mist wets and adds weight to the airborne dust, thus preventing the particles from dispersing in the air and causing them instead to fall to the ground. And with the latest and greatest dust controllers currently on the market, Pro Air Solutions has perfected the fine art of dust control.

7 features to look for in a Dust Control System.

Special nozzles
Pro Air Solutions dust control equipment has special nozzles with a patented ceramic insert arranged crosswise.

The latest valve technology
Our valves are specially designed to regulate water flow and droplet size.

High performance fan
The fans in Pro Air Solutions dust systems produce a linear water ejection pattern for pinpoint accuracy.

Vertical pump with pressure monitoring
Our vertical pumps feature pressure monitoring and automatic discharge for the correct water pressure.

Water filter
Pro Air Solutions' dust filter system incorporates an easy-access, quick-clean water filter.

OH&S features
Our dust systems provide all-round safe handling thanks to:

  • a deep protective cover
  • fork-lift guides and central loops
  • horn and a headlamp (optional) to increase acoustic and visual noticeability
  • metal propeller blades and rubber inserts to significantly reduce noise emissions

Pro Air Solutions V7 and V12 models offer you a choice between pallet-mounted or carriage-mounted designs so they can be positioned anywhere with ease. They also feature front wheel and moveable tow bar for easy manoeuvring on site. They come complete with fixed tow bar and trailer coupling.