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DCT 40

  Length A (with underframe)   1,110 mm/43.70 inch
  Width B (with underframe)
  1,285 mm/50.59 inch
  Height H (with underframe)   2,165 mm/85.24 inch
  Weight (with underframe)   545 kg/1,201.52 lb
  Rotation angle   360° (180° + 180°)
  Max. tilting angle   45°
  Pump   4 kW
  Fan motor   12.5 kW
  Voltage   400/440 V
  50/60 Hz
  Power plug   5 x 63 A
  Water connection   Storz "C"
  Water filter   250 micron
  Fixed nozzles   11
  Water flow at 20 bar   25 - 80 l/min (± 10%)
  Range   50 m/164 ft

Dust controller dct40

Dust controller

Working environments with high dust levels, including demolition sites, tunnel construction sites and open-pit mining and quarrying operations, are typical applications for the DCT40 dust-laying sprayer from TechnoAlpin pro air solutions. Water is atomized with the help of special nozzles with ceramic inserts to produce a fine mist, which lays the dust particles at source and prevents them from spreading in the air. The descending water droplets from the spray mist also dampen the ground and thus greatly reduce the formation of dust without creating an unpleasant sludge. The powerful fan gives the high-volume spray an impressive range of up to 50 meters.

With up to 45° pitch adjustment and 360° of swivel, the generator has an impressive operating radius. In addition to the standard keypad, wireless remote control is available as an optional for convenient operation from a distance of up to 100 m. The DCT40 by TechnoAlpin pro air solutions is mounted on an underframe as standard for greater ease of handling. A mobile version on an undercarriage (with or without wheels) and a permanently installed tower-mounted version are available on request. An optional tow bar facilitates handling with a pick-up (not for use on public highways, site traffic only). The fan barrel and the undercarriage are fitted with lugs for positioning the machine with a mechanical digger.

Rotation angle, tilting angle

dct40 Action